About us

About us

ATN Group, a production and marketing company, with 100% Mexican capital, with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of cable support and we also specialize in Steel sheets. We have an area of 8,500 m2 including two production plants and two distribution centers within the downtown area of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

About us
About us

Our prices are highly competitive, we distinguish ourselves by our great response capacity, excellent service and customer focus. We are a healthy company, with financing capacity and human capital in continuous development.

We are certified in ANCE, LAPEM, and currently
in process to certified in ISO 9001:2015

Mission: Our mission is based on the manufacture of supporting and piping for cable conduction, as well as the manufacture of steel sheets, with the best quality, excellent customer service, always seeking the continuous improvement and development of our human capital.

Vision: To be a world-class company in the manufacture of steel sheets as well as in the manufacture of supporting systems and pipes for cable conduction.

At ATN we maintain a decent work environment, under the following values:

• Honesty
• Loyalty
• Commitment
• Responsibility
• Positive attitude